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face masks

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face masks
face masks
face masks
face masks

The product of years of research and development, Isolation Face masks have a special design that creates a tight, custom fit for enhanced facial protection.
Dust resistant outer layer with white, facial tissue inner layer. Extra long, aluminum nose piece.
1, Material: Non woven PP
2, Size: 17.5x9.3cm, 17.5x9.5cm, as customers' requirement
3, Color: White, green, blue, pink, grey and so on. Other colors are also available.
4, Style: Elastic earloop or with ties on.
5, Layer: Usually 3ply, 2ply and 4ply are also available for different requirement
6, Nose bar: Single aluminum strip or double alminium strip
7, Economic, light,  Non-irritating, Comfortable 
8. Prevent contamination from bacteria, dust, or coughing 

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WhatsApp: +86-15813899616

Phone: +86-15813899616

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